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Aerodynamic Info and LSR Calculator/Spread Sheet Sites:
Chat Room and Message Board Links:
Individual Car & Bike Sites:
General Land Racing Sites:
How To Do-it Sites, Conversions & LSR Spreadsheets:
Land Racing Organizations and Race Tracks:
Racing Products and Services:
Other Land Racing Related Sites & History:
Other Misc. Tech Sites:
Safety Related:
Videos & Photos of Land Speed Racing On The Internet:

The 'Studes' Innovate Data Logging gear came from DIYAutotune.com

The Stude's Blow Through Carb and Hat came from superiorairflow.com.

Chat Room and Message Board Links:
Landracing.com --- Land Speed Racers Forums -- This is a must visit site!!!
Salt 2 Salt -- Discussion Page
General Land Racing Sites & Publications:
Bonneville Racing News -- The news covers land speed racing events at these locations: Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, El Mirage & Muroc Dry Lake, California, Maxton, Georgia, The Texas Mile, BlackRock, Lake Gairnder, Australia. Doc and Wendy Jeffries are land speed racers themselves and decided the sport needed its own publication.
Landracing.com --- Home Page -- Forums, pictures, links, and much more!!! If you are into Land Speed Racing you have to go to this site run by Jon Amo.
Lakesters.com -- A great site with the emphasis on lakesters, but lots of good links.
Naked 200MPH CLUB -- A site dedicated to those riders who have set
official landspeed racing records over 200 MPH on a motorcycle, with
no streamlining ahead of the rider. That is, on open or “naked” bikes.
Ray the Rat's Land Speed Racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats -- Some of the best photos you will find on the net of LSR cars and bikes.
Speed Record Club -- Whatever form of speed record you are interested in, be it land, water or air, the club has something to interest you. The aims of the Club are to put enthusiasts in touch with each other and to provide a method of sharing our common interests, be they modeling, history, current attempts or any other aspect of record-breaking.

The Stude uses an e-Boost2 for Complete and Flexible Wastegate Control.

Land Racing Organizations and Race Tracks:
BUB -- If you run a bike here is a Sept. Bonneville meet for you.
Bonneville 200 MPH Club Web Site -- The Bonneville 200 MPH Club is an organization that recognizes outstanding achievement in land speed racing and has no affiliation with any organization or sanctioning body.
D.L.R.A -- Dry Lake Racers of Australia is where it's at down under. These guys are really getting with it and I sure hope to attend one of their meets at Lake Gairdner in south Australia someday.
ECTA -- East Coast Timing Assn. puts on numerous events every year at the Maxton Mile in NC.
Mojave Mile -- Mojave Mile will be open to both cars and motorcycles, and, as the event grows in popularity, is forecasted to be held multiple times per year. Mark your calendar to attend one of the most exciting new racing venues in the country!
Pershing County Speedway -- Home to the The Derby Mile Shootout (One Mile From a Standing Start) and the The Lovelock Twin 40's (Open Road Racing Nevada Style). These events take place in Lovelock, Nevada east of Reno, Nevada on Interstate 80.
SCTA-BNI -- Sponsors of the World's Fastest Automotive Speed Trials. They put on El Mirage (Calif) events during the year, Speed Week (B'ville) in August and World Finals (B'ville) in Oct..
Society of Land Speed Racing Historians -- The purpose of this historical group is to preserve the history and heritage of landspeed and dry lakes racing, to promote the hot rodding culture, to work towards a permanent repository where artifacts can be safely kept and restored for future generations and to encourage historians, photographers and others to publish their books and photographs.
Texas Mile -- You can race a couple times a year with these folks.
USFRA -- Utah Salt Flats Racing Association puts on the World of Speed (B'ville) in Sept.

The 'Studes' new Borg Warner SX400 turbos came from turbochargerpros.com.

Individual Car & Bike Sites:
Sum's 'Salt Bullet' Construction-- 750cc Motorcycle powered Lakester.
Hooley's 219 mph Stude -- The fastest mailman in Oklahoma.
Harvey Itzaina's G/Gas Lakester Construction -- A Saturn powered lakester.
Hart Racing -- Home to Gary's fast Stude and Buick out of SW Missouri.
Ack Attack Motorcycle Streamliner -- 328.304 mph twin engine Suzuki streamliner.
Alfa Spider -- Bonneville Car
Al Teague's Spirit of 76 -- Al Teague's streamliner, the worlds fastest single engine piston powered car.
Aussie Invader -- Seeking 1000 miles per hour this LSR vehicle will be rocket powered, using new hydrid propulsion technology from the U.S.A.
AzTex Motorsports -- This site is dedicated to the redesign and reconstruction of Ratical, Sparky Smith's Lakester. The goal is to have it ready for a possible record setting run this August, 2008.
R33 GT-R with rear wheel drive -- We got a new class record (F/BGCC class, average speed of 224.814 MPH).
B & D Racing -- Motorcycle Land Speed Racing
Bakersfield Boys -- Ron Raines and Harry Garcia are involved in speedtrial racing of the car you see pictured here on this start page.
Black Opel Racing --- 1970 Opel GT built by GM in Germany, E fuel modified sports class.
Banks Project Sidewinder -- World's fastest pickup truck -- 222.139 MPH.
Batts Racing -- Home of the Land Speed Record Holding Batts Racing Buell.
The Bikernet.com 5-Ball Racing Team -- 19 articles on the effort, the build, the sponsors and the ride to Bonneville. It all leads up to four historic days at Bub's 2006 International Speed Trials. The team geared up with two race bikes and one hungry professional female pilot, Valerie Thompson, to master the salt and bring home a world record. Check out Bikernet.com.
Bill Gordon’s 20-valve Norwood MR2 Turbo -- The Fastest Little Sports Car in Utah
Bloodhound SSC Project -- The British team's goal is to create the ultimate Land Speed Record car with a target of 1,000mph using a 800 HP V-12, a jet engine and a rocket booster and driven by Andy Green.
Bluebird Electric 3 -- A British electric streamliner trying for 300 mph.
Bonneville Bullet -- It took Mike a total of about 1500 hours of planning and parts gathering before he began construction of the Bullett. A very detailed build of a bike for the salt -- check it out.
Bonneville Studebaker Construction -- From start to the Salt Flat constrution pictures of Rod Miller's AG/CC # 761.
British Steam Car Challenge -- was conceived with the twofold aim of breaking the land speed record for steam powered vehicles as well as creating excitement in the arena of alternate fuels.
Bryant Racing -- Home of the Tom Thumb Special VII and lots of early B'ville history and current history. Check this site out for sure!!
Buckeye Bullet -- Ohio State University's 314.958 mph electric land speed streamliner. Now that is electrifying!!! (sorry I couldn't help that)
New Buckeye Bullet??? -- Pictures of Ohio State University's newest car???
BUB 'Seven' -- The worlds fastest 2 way average motorcycle (2006). Setting a record of 350.884mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, 'Seven' is the first motorcycle to break 350mph. With a revolutionary composite frame and custom built 3 Liter V-Four Engine.
BUDDFAB STREAMLINER -- 50cc Landspeed motorcycle. How about 100 mph on 3 cubic inches. Pretty impressive!!
Burkland Streamliner -- A chronology by Gene, Betty & Tom Burkland. Current land speed record holder with a piston/wheel driven car.
Burkland streamliner -- The year by year story of the Streamliner.
CamelToe Racing -- Home to Blowfish, EcoFire and many other cars belonging to George Poteet.
Chassis Engineering LSR vehicle -- Going for the worlds land speed record in the diesel class. Beautiful body work on this one!!
Chock Full O' Nuts -- The Big Red Truck from Texas -- A/PP 193.402 mph
Chock Full O' Nuts -- A link to lots of pictures of their lakester build.
Danny Boy Streamliner and Lakester -- A lot of history with this car.
D.C. Waterjet's F/GMS -- The car built with water........
Don’t Be Scared Racing -- 5 Times Land Speed Record Holder, East Coast Timing Association, 204.722 MPH
E-Z-Hook Motorcycle Streamliner -- Sam Wheeler gets new record at 332.410 MPH.
Flatbush Racing -- Home of the C/CGALT 311 Pinto Land Speed Wagon!
Flatfire Streamliner -- Ron Main's 300+ mph flathead powered streamliner.
Flying Kiwis -- We've done it! On 12 July 2005 on a cold winter's morning in Chertsey, South Canterbury, the Flying Kiwi team broke both the World and New Zealand Land Speed Records for 1000cc sidecarsover a flying kilometre, subject to ratification from the FIM.
Gasoline Alley Shops -- 1949 Ford F-100, XF/PP class, Salt Flats Race Truck Build.
Golden Hawk -- Diesel Streamliner with a single 4 liter engine, front wheel drive turbo diesel seeking 300+ mph.
HD Cruiser -- We have an obsession with art and speed. Cruser has been building and riding over 100 cubic inch (or bigger) Harley style engines for over 30 years. Check out our Land Speed Record from Maxton N.C.
He Rides The Lightning (Rod) -- Interview with Eric Luebben. Even if you aren't into electric cars this is a good read.
High Speed Green -- GOAL: "TO BE THE FASEST IMCA TYPE MODIFIED ON THE PLANET". We finally made it to the Bonneville Salt Flats. We landed at Bonneville knowing we had lots to learn, that was accurate, we had lots to learn (Check out their story).
Hoffman/Markley Motorsports -- 382 MPH 5.0 liter Streamliner and Injected Nitro 300 cu. in. Desoto Modified Roadster.
Hot Rod Lincoln -- is a 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII that has been specially prepared to run at high speeds on El Mirage Dry Lake and the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Iversen Originals -- What started as a fun job in getting a 1946 Indian Chief ready to landspeed race, has developed into a passion. We currently are racing at all El Mirage events and as many races as possible on the salt at Bonneville. A new addition to the race effort is under construction. Dave is well on his way building this 1941 Indian Landspeed racer for Jill.
JCB Diesel Max Streamliner -- World's fastest diesel at 350 mph.
John Broughan #211 --Empty Pockets Racing -- John built this belly tank all at home, with the help of his brother Paul (an Australian tank).
John Broughan #211 -- Another link to the same car.
John Burk's A/GS streamliner -- Front wheel drive gasoline burning 497 CI Big Block chevy with fuel injection and a 45 degree tilt to decrease the width of the body.
JorNic Motorsports -- Team JorNic Motorsports Motorcycle Landspeed Racing Turbo Hayabusa is the collaborative effort of many, many hours of research, friends lending their individual expertise and sponsors believing in our project. This bike has taken on an entire life unto itself and is one of few in the world that is street legal and capable of speeds well over 200mph.
KX100 Bonneville Assault -- Follow along as Perry puts together a 100 cc bike for the "Misses" to ride on the salt.
Kugel & LeFevers 300+mph Pontiac Firebird --Driven by Joe Kugel it became the first stock-bodied passenger vehicle to exceed the 300 mph land-speed barrier.
Lakesters Only Website -- This site is dedicated to capturing and sharing the history of Lakesters and their activities at dry lake beds across the globe.
LSR Driving Experience --The world's fastest driving experience. Our race team has over 40 years of experience setting World Records and building race cars. Let us put our experience to work for you. We invite you to take the drive of a life time. LSR Driving Experience supplies a top rate crew, first class accommodations, and a fast car to drive.
Lessman Racing -- The Lessman Racing Streamliner is a state-of-the-art vehicle that combines aerospace technology, the reliability of proven race engine fabrication, and the power of natural gas.
Mallo Racing -- Follow along on the build of Steve Mallicoat's #986 E/BSTR. Also pictures of the Chassis Engineering Special and its crew.
Manchester Motor Cars -- Quad-4 powered lakester, #3737 F/FL.
McBride and Moreau Racing -- One liter streamliner. "A Lifetime goal of perfection and the desire to reach speed records that will stand for years to come. This is the driving force that makes this project what it is and what it will always be."
Mike Geokan's 226 -- Feeling he's accomplished his goal of a 200 mph street bike, his new project is a 250 mph sit-up Harley appropriately called "The Bullet".
Mike Geokan's Bullett Construction -- It took Mike a total of about 1500 hours of planning and parts gathering before he began construction of the Bullett. This is uncharted territory and you have..............
Mile High Talon -- Now that Mile High Talon is retired as my daily-driver, for 2007 and beyond I'll be working towards developing 500-550HP and adding alot more required safety equipment to some day compete in the '200 MPH' class. He also has another site on the internet ( HERE ). Check them both out.
Miller's Salt Flat Studebaker -- Follow along on the construction of a A/GCC Studebaker.
Mission 500 -- Land Speed Racing is a part of the Thompson family. My dad gained international fame as a young man by running 406.6 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1960 with the Challenger I. He was the fastest man in the world. But he didn’t get the record.
Nebulous Theorem II -- The Costella & Yacoucci really fast small motor streamliner.
Nish Motorsports #998 Streamliner -- A Photo Gallery of the New Body being built by Jim and B.J. Burkdoll at Autobody Express. The new body is to accommodate our new 673 cubic inch Aries Big Block Chevy Engine built by Klein Engines, which we hope will produce the magic 425 M.P.H. record we dream of.
North American Eagle-- In our web site you will learn how a group of men and women, from the United States and Canada, are building the world's fastest automobile. Our goal is to break the current world land speed record of 763 MPH, set on October 15, 1997.
North of 49 -- This is a great site that Mike has put together. Be sure and visit it.
Phillips Odom Phillips MOTORSPORTS -- The POP Motorsports Racing team was created by three friends with the sole purpose of setting new world speed records. Note: Also check out their other link POP MOTORSPORTS.
POP MOTORSPORTS -- Formed to have fun, go land speed racing and set some records. Check out cars (STREAMLINER, CORVETTE, AUSTIN HEALEY) and see what class they run in and what engine/s we will be using.
Quasi-Moto --Mikes plan is to run two unique vehicles at drag strips and air shows all over the country in 2006. He is currently building a land speed record motorcycle powered by a j-85 jet engine. If the other two vehicles are any indication of what Mike can do it should be one hell of a ride.
Rice Vigeant Racing Belly Tank Lakester #9999 -- You've landed on the Rice Vigeant BellyTank-Lakester Car #9999 update page.
Rick Byrnes -- 1998 -- A detailed account of RB Motorsports preparation, trials and tribulations, and of course our final success. The 4 cylinder turbocharged Merkur has a new record, of 204.952 MPH with a one way fastest mile of 208. 389 MPH. This has put me into the 200 MPH club which is my very last objective with this car.
ROLLING BONES HOT ROD SHOP -- Check out all of their neat Bonneville stuff, especially their 2008 story about their trip to the salt.
Salt 2 Salt Racing -- From the road salt of Minnesota...To the Salt Flats of Bonneville...Bonneville Record Holder XO Blown Gas Coupe -- 117.090 MPH!
Salt Fever -- On this site I'll include information I know about racing, and what I learn while building my own Landspeed Car.
Sam Wheeler's Norton Streamliner -- Work on the World's fastest Norton for the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, UK continues at an accelerated pace. This Norton powered streamliner was built and piloted by Sam Wheeler - the fastest man on two wheels.
SCH RACING HEADS -- Dave Sarno's 10 Records at Bonneville.
Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing -- You seldom see him, but when you do he or Nancy are going fast on one bike or another. Check out their new Internet site.
Shammas Motorcycle Performance -- Bob began pursuing LSR (Land Speed Racing) as his fix for speed in 2002, setting his first record in September of that year, and entering the prestigious ECTA 200mph Club. Bob set two new ECTA records and clocked a terminal speed of over 220mph with 997cc in one mile!
Simon Kilger Ericson Roadster -- Racing to Bonneville with the Simon Kilger Ericson Roadster and a 2000 HP twin turbo big block on nitro.
Slaughter Motorsport Team -- A F/BFS Streamliner owned by Trevor Slaughter. Trevor kicked off his build about 4 years ago after starting to design the car about 20 years ago. He recently decided to get the build in high gear and so advertised on the DLRA site for some help. So, we now have a “Build Night” every Tuesday evening where six of us get together to make brackets for stuff and work to assemble and disassemble the car as many times as possible.
So-Al Special -- Keith Turk's So-Al Special and it's many 200+ mph records.
SNART Racing -- Team S.N.A.R.T Racing! New bike build for the 2007 race season! Pics coming soon!
Strange Days Bellytank Lakester -- Front wheel drive tank with SBC power. A different concept that could do real well.
Sunbeam Alpine Project Home page -- I am building an Land Speed Racing car which may also see duty as an ET bracket car in drag racing.
Super Kaz Racing -- Kaz & The Worlds Fastest Harley V-Rod with a top speed of 200.693 mph. Kaz expects to hit 225 mph in 2007 with the larger goal of going for 250 locked in his heart and brain.
Target 550 -- Project Mission: To Exceed the current land speed records by 100 mph.
Target 550 on nitrogeezers.com (great photos) -- Streamliner owned by Marlo Triet and being built by Jim Hume to attempt to set a new piston driven land speed record. It will be driven by Les Davenport, an alcohol funny car racer, master tuner and machinist who has already set numerous speed records in Marlo’s Lakester over the past 10-12 years at speeds up to 333.5 mph
Target 550 Steves Auto Restorations (be sure and click on the picture on the link page to see all the detailed pictures) -- SAR has been assigned the task of skinning this streamliner’s last eighteen feet of the 40 foot vehicle. Powered by two Keith Black Hemi’s, the target speed is 550 mph. Testing will hopefully begin this fall (2006??) at Bonneville Salt Flats. The record attempt will take place at Lake Gairdner Salt Flats in Australia in 2008. This is the only track long enough for setting this type of record (it takes over 30 miles to coast to a stop from 550 mph if safety systems were to fail).
Team 61 Race Cars -- Be sure and check out their various Mopar projects. They will be selling 'the YELLA BRICK' after they run the Mojave Mile.
Team Amo Racing -- Team Amo has been going to the Bonneville Salt Flats since August of 1991. They have had two project bikes during that time. Their fastest measured mile run to date is 225 mph during World Finals 2001 and 240.913 miles per hour in 2004 for two seperate records.
Team Arrow Racing -- Home of the Worlds Fastest 600cc Motorcycle streamliner. New Land Speed Record Set 210.768 MPH August 21, 2004.
Team Bullett -- Jack Costella and Cliff Gullett have formed Costella Gullett Racing to design, build and race hopefully the world's first 400+ mph motorcycle. As usual Jack has taken a different approach to things with his new motorcycle streamliner.
Team Cooked Goose -- Team Cooked Goose originated as part of the Moto Guzzi Correspondence List to try to prove the Land Speed Record capabilities of Moto Guzzi Motorcycles.
Team Elves -- Team Elves and their record breaking Bonneville Buell. Also catch there report of going down under....
Team Saline -- World’s Fastest Production Mustang. Owned and driven by veteran driver Steve Benyo, the CentiMark Mustang holds the World Land Speed Record at 232.27, set in August of 2008 at the fabled Bonneville Salt Flats.
Team Vesco Home Page -- The 2001 World Finals turned out to be a great meet for TeamVesco. Don set the world land speed record for a wheel-driven vehicle at 458.44 MPH. At World of Speed in 2011 Rick Vesco's daughter Rhonnie set the D-Gas Streamliner record at 310.9815 mph and Rhonnie's top speed one way run of 314 mph gave her the title of USFRA's "Fastest Lady". Congratulations Rhonnie! Check out all the other great pictures and land speed racing history on this site.
Team White Lightning Racing -- Team White Lightning Racing began their pursuit of world land speed records in 2003. Inspired by John Maffucci and Graeme "Rabbit" Bartil's passion to go to Bonneville the team was created and off they went.............
Tiger Racing -- Home of the Worlds Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle for 2005 & 2006. Current Record Speed 228.803 MPH.
Twin Jugs Racing -- Check out Todd and Debbie's racing accomplishments....
Vincent Streamliner - Black Lightning -- Max Lambky is attempting to capture the absolute Land Speed Record for motorcycles, currently held by Sam Wheeler and the E-Z Hook streamliner at 332.410 MPH. The official FIM record is held by Dave Campos and the Easy Riders streamliner at 322.149 MPH.
VT Race Girl -- Valerie Thompson -- Drag Racer and Land Speed Racer.
Wayne Pollack Racing -- In 2005 Wayne set the fastest speed ever officially recorded for an open wheeled motorcycle at 258.1 MPH on the Yancy Racing’s Turbo Hayabusa at the Maxton Monster Mile. At the same meet Wayne set 4 world records of 253.1, 253.8, 254.8 and 255.5mph.
White Goose Bar Racing -- #2111 1980 Volkswagen multi-record holder 2.0L / Production Mid-Mini Pickup (G/PMP) and Wilson, Waters & Manghelli 1929 Roadster #369 plus there is a lot of cool stuff on this site including LSR jargon, check it out.
Wild Brothers Racing -- World's fastest V-Max. -- 200 mph, all motor and naked. Welcome to our LSR page. We are members of the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) and race at Maxton, NC.
Wisconson Proud IMCA Modified -- Our Wisconsin based racing team has one clear goal "To be the World's Fastest IMCA Type Modified on the Planet.
World Land Speed Record.com -- 27 liters * 2 engines * 4 valves/cylinder * 2 injectors/intake valve = lots of monkey motion!
www.speedace - This site is dedicated to electric powered cars.


Land Speed Racing Products and Services:
HARDWARE -- Nuts, Bolts, Brackets, etc.
Safety Related (chutes, fire, belts, etc.)


Air-Tech -- Website of the world's largest manufacturer of exotic motorcycle fairing and bodywork for LSR cars -- Yours in Sport, Kent Riches
Aircraft Extras Inc. -- Alternative Canopies that are optically Perfect with a no crack installation guarantee.
Alamo Aircraft ( Drop Tanks )-- Sparky (car 2211) sent me this info about Alamo Aircraft. "I worked with Alan Wulfe of Alamo Aircraft. If any one has any questions about what kind of tanks they have they should have several choices in the 20" to 30" range ---plus some huge B-52 tanks."
Everbrite Coatings -- Do you need to protect bare aluminum against the salt. Check these people out. I have some of their product and will report back as to how it worked.
Fiberglass Supply -- Materials, Tools and Supplies for innovative craftsmen to explore and expand performance possibilities.
Fibre Glast Corp -- Fiberglass products -- Welcome to the world of fiberglass and composites! If you are new to all of this, you are not alone! Click here for some suggestions in approaching your first project.
Fire Wall Putty -- Sealing holes and cracks in firewalls is critical. It's a 3M product and availble from GreyBar Elect 818-779-4820 also from WhiteCapBuilders Supply --"Glen"
P-38 Dro Tanks -- Elmo Rodge Racing - Salina, UT - 435-529-2026 - e-mail: elmorodgeP38@yahoo.com. Wayne has acquired the molds developed and used by land speed record holder Jack Kelly. The are based on the 316 gallon long-range fuel tank. Each tank is hand laid-up figerglass construction.
Roadsters.com is the US distributor for Reprosteel 1932 Ford roadster bodies ...........the site is used by thousands of automotive professionals and hobbyists to quickly access organized links to around 8,000 quality automotive and motorcycle Web sites.
Rod 'n Race Fiberglass -- Glass car bodies and lakester tank...
Todd's Canopies -- He specializes in plane canopies, but will custom make a canopy and some of the plane ones look like they could be adapted to a lakester or streamliner pretty easy and his prices can't be beat. Check these out.
Vetter Fairings -- The best and most proven shape ever created.....
Wings and Wheels -- Sealing Tapes and Control Seals along with Zig-Zag Turbulator and Dimple Turbulator Tapes (also called trip tapes -- "they create a rough place for the laminer flow to "trip over" into minor turbulence before separation occurs due to body shape. This reduces drag because this turbulence keeps the flowing air closer to the body than if it wasn't there, therefore reducing profile drag.", the Rev. H+.


Delaware Chassis Works -- From bare chassis to complete ride DCW is ready to help YOU make your next project GO FAST. Call Joe Timney who is also President of ECTA.
pitstopusa.com -- Need shocks, springs other parts for your race car check these guys out.
QA1 -- Designs, manufactures and distributes rod ends, spherical bearings, performance shock absorbers, struts, springs, and related items. They have been very helpful in working with me to find springs and shocks for my lakester project. Give Reed a call at 952/985.5675 for your LSR needs.
Shapiro Supply Co. -- A good source for DOM and ERW tubing. A neat place. Stan hauls off the unwanted/obselete NASA stuff from BOEING in St. louis. He always has a great supply of titanium bolts, billits of alum., odd ball tools, etc. If you go, give yourself extra time to wander downstairs. The guys that work there are X-tra friendly, and you are welcome to wander/look at anything they have. 1-800-833-1259, 5617 Natural Bridge, St. Louis, MO.


AIR ARMED SYSTEMS -- the ultimate upgrade to all CO2 based trans,throttle, shift and launch drag race controls.
Teleflex Morse - Industrial Products -- Manufacturer of operator control systems such as the very handy Morse Push-Pull cables.

HARDWARE -- Nuts, Bolts, Brackets, etc.

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company -- A full line of aviation grade hardware. If you need special nuts and/or bolts check this site out.
All Star Performance -- Brackets and other race car parts.
Baker Performance Parts -- Lots of brackets and parts to make a race car with.
Chassis ShopPerformance Parts -- If you are building a car from scratch or need chassis parts for your existing car get one of their catalogs. Lots of neat stuff here!
Full Bore Racing -- Products for the serious racer and these guys are Land Speed Racers. Their new car and old car.
McMaster-Carr -- Over 435,000 products. If you can't find some hardware they probably have it.
Racer Parts Wholesale -- Safety Wire and Aircraft Hardware Kits -- We now have the most commonly used aircraft hardware items combined into 4 convenient kits for the workshop or racetrack, AN Airframe Bolt Assortment, AN Washer Kit......


ERC Racing Fuels -- Engine Research Company (ERC) has operated for 36 years and is a producer of custom specialty fuels and is a national distribution center for Champion Racing Spark Plugs and Blendzall, Red Line, and Kendall Racing Oils. They supply the event fuel for Bonneville.
Salt-x -- Fights salt damage and removes salt.


Behrent's Performance -- Winters 10 Spline Quick Change Gears
Coolingmist Brand -- Water/Methanol (Water) Injection kits for blown applications.
Halibrand Engineering -- Quick Change Rear Ends.
KTR Corporation "The Power Transmission Expert" -- They have couplers and such that look like they might work for some LSR cars, especially lakesters and streamliners. They also have a neat on-line calculator to help you pick the right coupler. You will find it ( HERE ).
Lewis Automotive & Lewis Racing Engines -- If you need machine work or race parts give Mike a call. He has been a big help with info and parts for the new motor going into my pickup. I highly recommend him, Sum.
Mitech Racing Engines -- Michael LeFevers started Mitech Racing Engines in 1990 to build reliable, high horsepower engines at reasonable costs. High endurance extreme output engines are a specialty of the company, so for fun they built the twin turbo small block that pushed the Kugel & LeFevers ’92 Pontiac Firebird to become the first factory production car to set a record over 300 MPH at the world famous Bonneville Slat Flats! Mike is also a proud life member of the Bonneville 200 MPH club
RB Racing -- We have turbos for small motors and turbos for big motors. We have turbos for stock frames and we have turbos for custom frames. We have center mount turbos and we have left side mount turbos. We have turbos for street and we have turbos for racing.....................
SCH Racing Heads -- Custom built Record Setting Racing Engines, Heads , Flow Testing , and ralated Parts. We specialize in repair and modification of aluminum heads including welding and damage repair. We have set 10 land speed records, 4 of which are current.
Snow Performance -- The Boost Cooler® is Snow Performance's latest generation water/methanol injection system. The primary function of water/methanol injection is to provide "chemical intercooling". We are using their system with success on Hooley's 240+ mph Stude.
Speedway Engineering -- manufactures a wide variety of quick change rear ends for your race car.
Stock Car Products -- Aluminum Quick Change Rear Ends.
Turbosmart-- Everything you need to have complete Turbo Control.
Titan Speed Engineering -- Gerotor-driven oil pumps for wet or dry-sump applications -- As racers, we've never understood why so many racing teams will entrust an expensive crankshaft to a stock-type oil pump.....Once upon a time, the only alternative to stock oil pumps was an exotic dry-sump system....
Winters Quick Change Rear Ends -- Many different styles of quick change rear ends.


Byke Engineering -- We offer a wide range of in house services to help fill your racing needs with custom swingarms and more.
Catalyst Racing Composites -- will provide you with real world racing equipment for drag race, road race, land speed and vintage motorcycles.
EK Racing Chains -- The EK 530DRZ has achieved a terminal velocity of 338.269 mph on Sam Wheeler’s E-Z-Hook Streamliner at the Bonneville Salt Flats.
NRHS -- At NRHS we know Land Speed Racing and have performance parts for your Harley Davidson or Buell. NRHS sets new AMA National 1650cc MPS-PF record at the Bonneville Salt Flats at 213.193 mph in 2007.
RB Racing -- We have turbos for small motors and turbos for big motors. We have turbos for stock frames and we have turbos for custom frames. We have center mount turbos and we have left side mount turbos. We have turbos for street and we have turbos for racing.....................
Tiger Racing -- Specializing in Suzuki, Kawasaki and Land Speed Racing accessories for your bike.
Twin Jugs Racing -- New parts for any make or model bike can be ordered from our suppliers at a discounted price. We service, repair & restore Indians (old & new), Flatheads, Knuckleheads, Panheads, Ironheads, Shovelheads, EVOs (Blockheads) & Twin Cam 88's (TC88 or Fatheads). We'll consider others on a case by case basis.
World Wide Bearings -- Ceramic Bearings and the Industries Largest Supplier of Bearings for Motorcycle's , ATV's, Snowmobile's & Go Karts.

Safety Related (chutes, fire, belts, etc.) -- click on this box


Altalab Instrument -- Our Alta Com I or II weatherstations for Motorsports are used successfully by racers in all forms of motorsports; including drag racing, NASCAR, kart, motorcycle, offshore boat and road racing.
Computech Systems Inc. -- Computech specializes in equipment for recording race car & engine performance data, weather condition data, and driver reaction data.
Kestrel Weather Tracker -- The 4000 is the next generation of weather monitoring. You can now measure EVERY major environmental condition, easily and accurately, right in the palm of your hand.
Koul Tools -- Since the invention of stainless braided rubber hose, racers and mechanics have been fighting the problem of installing it into the socket part of the assembly.....a solution that makes the assembly a snap.
MotorSports Innovations -- Air/Fuel Meter and Data Logging -- I bought an Innovate Motorsports LM-1 air/fuel sensor and controller along with 5 channels of data logging capabilities from MotorSports Innovations. I will use this when I put the turbo on my lakester motor for sure and probably before. Right now I use it to tune my truck and we use it on Hooley's Stude. Last year (2005) we alos data logged the TPS (throttle position sensor) and this year Hooley bought the LMA-3 "AUXBOX" that will also let us data log the RPM, boost, EGT and either fuel pressure or acceleration on our runs along with the air/fuel and TPS. This is a great combination. If you go this way be sure to give Greg at MotorSports Innovations a call at 609/265-2110 and order from him. Mention you are a bonneville racer and he will probably help you out a little. He is also involved with John Burk's streamliner. Check out the other products he has also.
Stuska Dynamometers -- Stuska dynamometers and their components are manufactured and assembled in-house at our Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin plant.

Wheels and Tires

D.C. Waterjet -- Besides other things they make LSR wheels using narrow "space saver wheels" and make new centers with any bolt pattern and what ever thickness and offset the customer wants.
Good Year Land Speed Tires -- Up to 300 mph LSR tires. Go down to the Frontrunner®
Eagle® Land Speed tires.
Marsh Racing Wheels -- These are the people that supplied the wheels for my lakester and Hooley's 240+ mph Stude. They have good pricing and service. I recommend them, Sum.

How To Do-it Sites:
Air Density Gauge Information -- How to compensate the air/fuel as the air density changes.
Automotive Converters and Calculators -- The best set of calculators for tire size, rear gears, compression ratio, etc.. Do yourself a favor and look at all the calculators they have.
Canopy Forming for Homebuilders --This article will hopefully entice others
to chose to learn how to utilize a process generally defined as vacuum powered hot plastic slip forming. (note: this site comes up as a pdf.file, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader).
Dynamic Compression Ratio Calculator -- Helps to calculate the dynamic compression and static compression of a motor.
Homemade Fiberglass How-To -- Light Parts For Light Wallets, By Steve Magnante -- Contrary to popular belief, you can make your own fiberglass parts right at home using commonly available raw materials and a little bit of ingenuity.
How to make blown HPV fairings -- At the WISIL skunkworks (Bill Murphy's basement) we have been creating blown canopies, nose-cones, and fairings for use on HPVs successfully for over a year. These plastic bubbles are aerodynamic, durable, and inexpensive to make. One may ask (OK, more than one asked), how exactly do you make those blown fairings and nosecones? Well, here goes...
"Reher's Rules: How To Keep Your Engine Alive" -- The consequences of erratic oil delivery in a racing engine can be broken connecting rods and catastrophic engine failures.
Safety wire -- Where and how to use it on ultralight, experimental aircraft and amateur built aircraft.
TONY FOALE DESIGNS -- This site is provided for those interested in the fascinating subject of motorcycle frame and chassis design. There are numerous articles, photos and links to other web sites of similar interest.

Aerodynamic Info & LSR Calulator/Spread Sheet Sites:
Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics -- Aerodynamic Drag, Vortex Drag, Splitter Plates, Ventilated Cavities, Tangential Slots, Fences, Boat-tailed after-bodies, etc.
Aerodynamic and Rolling Horsepower Calculations By Bowling & Grippo -- calculates the aerodynamic horsepower loss in propelling a vehichle with given coefficient of drag, frontal area, and speed. Also calculated is the horsepower loss due to rolling friction from a given vehicle weight and speed. Also lots of other interactive spread sheets.
AERODYNAMICS. -- TONY FOALE 1986 - 1997 -- Articles on aerodynamics usually concern themselves with extolling the virtues of low drag and the accompanying effects on performance and fuel economy. But the creation of slippery motorcycles is probably the easy bit. In common with all medium to high speed vehicles the effects of wind pressure.......
Aerospace Dept., DAPS, Royal Military College of Science -- Sources of Aerodynamic Force, Resolution of Aerodynamic Force, Drag Coefficient and much more.
Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering, University of Sydney -- Properties of the Atmosphere, Joukowski Flow Mapping & Aerofoils, 2-D Flow Aerofoil Section Geometry, Thin Aerofoil Theory (2-D Sections and more.
Coefficient of Drag for Selected Vehicles -- The plots show horsepower required to push a vehicle with a calculated Cd x A at speeds from 100 mph to 450 mph.
Dreese Airfoil Primer -- Check out this 5 part series on airfoils and how they could apply to land speed racing.
FoilSim II -- With this software you can investigate how a wing produces lift or downforce by changing the values of different factors that affect lift using an interactive model.
Interactive Airfoil Analysis -- The program built into this page allows you to experiment with the effect of airfoil shape and the angle of attack on: The pressure distribution Cp, The lift coefficient Cl and pitching moment coefficient Cm.
Land Speed Racing Spreadsheets -- These are all on this site, where you are now.
Air Inlet ("scoop") Size Calculator -- figure your air inlet size
Average HP/Torque -- Input HP and Torque at different RPM's for up to two motors and for comparisons and for averages over different RPM ranges.
Drag Force, HP, Thrust, Weight Needed on Drive tires for Bonneville.
Horsepower needed to reach a higher speed.
Ice Needed for Intercooler based on HP and Time on Course.
3, 4, 5, and 6 Speed Transmission spreadsheets for cars and motorcycles that will show you the rpm in each gear and the rpm drop between gears ( the car ones will let you input individual gear ratios, tire diameter and rear gear -- the bike ones will let you input the primary drive ratio, individual gear ratios, and sprocket teeth counts).
Pressure Conversions -- Convert between Kilopascals, mm HG and inches of HG
RSR Motorcycle Drivetrain and Speed Calculator -- This calculator will tell you your speed in each gear at a RPM you pick.
RSR Bonneville Aero/Horsepower Calculator -- Calculate your horsepower requirements based on the physical limits of drag and frontal area.
RSR Water Injection Calculator -- Match your water delivery to your expected horsepower needs.
Wings and Wheels -- Sealing Tapes and Control Seals along with Zig-Zag Turbulator and Dimple Turbulator Tapes (also called trip tapes -- "they create a rough place for the laminer flow to "trip over" into minor turbulence before separation occurs due to body shape. This reduces drag because this turbulence keeps the flowing air closer to the body than if it wasn't there, therefore reducing profile drag.", the Rev. H+.
X-Stream Wind Tunnel -- Go high-tech with your technology and science curricula with the adjustable speed, quiet-as-a-breeze wind tunnel from Pitsco.

Note: If you are interested in aerodynamics as applied to a race car I would strongly recommend the following three books:

1. New Directions in RACE CAR AERODYNAMICS (Designing for Speed) by Joseph Katz. I just got this book, but after looking through it briefly if you were to only buy one of these three books, I would recommend this one. It is $34.95 and the ISBN is 0-8376-0142-8.

2. AERODYNAMICS for Racing and Performance Cars by Forces Aird. It is an HP book and is a good overview of aerodynamics and presents views on aero issues without a lot of formulas and such. It was $16.95 when I bought it and the ISBN is 1-55788-267-3.

3. THE LEADING EDGE Aerodynamic Design of Ultra-streamline Land Vehicles by Goro Tamai. It summarizes the design and construction issues of solar cars and ultra light land vehicles. This book is heavy into the design of ultra streamline solar cars, but the principals can be applied to any race car. It is much more in debt and a lot heavier into math than the AERODYNAMICS book, but I feel a lot better book if you can wade through it. It covers aero issues to the smallest degree. If you really are building a streamliner, lakester or competition coupe I would strongly recommend it. Not cheap at $44.95, but that might be a small price to pay to build a body maybe just once and get it as close as you can to ideal. The ISBN is 0-8376-0860-0.
4. Vehicle Aerodynamics Recent Progress SAE-855 -- Made up of various SAE papers. The ISBN is 1-56091-119-0

Other Land Racing Related Sites & History:
Al Teague -- Al's Biography and much more.
Ugo Fadini Land Speed Record Car Models -- Home of The finest models of Land Speed Record cars for the discerning collector - since 1974 hand built in Italy - 1/43 scale.
The Bob Roddick Story -- Part 1 -- This is an excelent story that is on jalopyjournal.com with unbelieable pictures from early Land Speed Racing. And be sure and check out the next link for Part II.
The Bob Roddick Story -- Part II
Burt Munro Story -- Letters from Burt Munro, a New Zealand Motorcycling Legend (this is a great read!!).
Chrisman Coupe & Pierson Brothers Coupe -- At Pebble Beach with some history.
Gear Grinders -- meet on the First Thursday of every month at 430 N Gilbert St, Anaheim, CA 92801. Guests Welcome! The meetings Start at 8:00pm with most members arriving early for dinner between 7:00 and 8:00pm. Check the Web Site for directions to Dad Miller Golf Course where the meetings are held.
Flat Out by Rocky Robinson -- The Race for the Motorcycle World Land Speed Record. This is Rocky Robinson’s first nonfiction book, and is intended to put you in the driver’s seat of one of, if not the fastest motorcycle ever built.
hotrodmotors.com -- Bonneville Art and Bonneville Models
Land Speed ProductionDubbed, LandSpeed Louise” (LSL) by the late Gray Baskerville, HOT ROD Magazine’s irreverently brilliant automotive journalist, she concentrates on land speed racing.
Malcolm Campbell -- Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the world land speed record on nine occasions between 1924 and 1935. Get more of the history on this site.
Myke Schwartz --World's Fastest Indian -- The story of filming the World's Fastest Indian bike scenes as told by the stuntman who did the action scenes. Very good read.
Pierson Brothers Coupe -- Fifty-One Years ago, three guys from inglewood took another look at the rules and made hot rod history.
Ray the Rat's Land Speed Racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats -- Some of the best photos you will find on the net of LSR cars and bikes.
Road Runners car club -- Established in January 1937. Along with six other clubs they became Charter Members of the new Southern California Timing Association (SCTA), organized on November 29, 1937, to conduct speed trial events on the dry lakes of Southern California. Of the original seven SCTA Charter Member Clubs, two remain active today, the Road Runners and the Sidewinders.
Rocket Man -- If you have a need for speed. I highly recommend going to the annual, Bonneville Speed Week. So, enjoy my gallery of pictures as I saw them through the lens of my camera.
Rocket Man -- Land Speed Rocket and Jet cars. Some good pictures here.
SCTA's 12 Member Clubs -- Formed in 1938, the SCTA is comprised of member clubs. Each club is responsible for providing the volunteer labor needed to organize and hold racing events. Competitors must be club members in order to earn points and set records at a dry lakes event. In turn, the points earned by each competitor is credited to the club and the clubs compete against each other for top points each season.
Sidewinders -- The Sidewinders meet on the First and Third Tuesday's of every month at Fairways Restaurant & Tavern, 10400 Glenoaks Blvd., Pacoima, Ca. Guests are welcome.
Summers Brothers' Goldenrod -- Perhaps the Most Famous Land Speed Record Car of All Time, The Summers Brothers' Goldenrod, Gets a New Lease on Life Thanks to the U.S. Government, The Henry Ford Museum, and Some Enthusiastic Hot Rodders.
Team Vesco Home Page -- In 2001 teamVesco and Don set the world land speed record for a wheel-driven vehicle at 458.44 MPH. You will find that info and a lot of other great pictures and land speed racing history on this site.
University of Utah Multimedia Archives -- Over 1000 great historical pictures from years gone by on the salt. If the link doesn't work for you try this one and then search for "Bonneville Salt Flats" in the search window.

Other Misc. Tech Sites:
Dresser Tire & Rubber -- Both heavy loads and high speeds contribute to the strong centrifugal forces acting.....The above photographs show the tread of a tire as it leaves the footprint moving toward the reader. The only test variable is speed, showing from left to right 190, 210, 225 mph. The higher the speed, the more pronounced the traction wave.
Carnut's Auto Hobby Page -- I think George has well over 50,000 pictures of cars and trucks on his site. So if you want to know if a 1937 Buick 2 Door Sedan might make a good LSR car you can find a picture of it here.

Safety Related:
Apex performance -- A large selection of different type HANS Devices for different applications.
Automotive Fire Stop Products -- Competition drivers are sometimes at speed and in most cases the driver is burned and equipment is damaged. Our small firestop company has developed the Automotive System. Acceptable for use in NASCAR, IMCA, and SCCA competition. (other racing organizations soon).
Autopower Industries --Roll bars, Roll Cages, Driver Restraint Systems, Covers and Padding, Window Nets, Arm Restraints, etc.
ButlerBuilt Seats -- Butlerbuilt drivers know they are safer in their Butlerbuilt seats. Custom Aluminum Racing Seats along with all mounting hardware and components, Lateral & Rear Head Support Systems, NACA & Brake ducts, Aluminum Steering Wheels, Seat Inserts. The old adage is also true, comfort equals speed. Butlerbuilt Drivers are passionate about their seats and we are proud to share with you some of their testimonials.
BSCI - Energy Impact Systems -- Safer foams for use in protecting drivers and occupants from more serious injuries. Foam material is available in bulk form that meets the SFI 45.1 and 45.2 requirements.
Delaware Chassis Works -- For Fire Bottles Call Joe Timney who is also President of ECTA.
Fire Wall Putty -- Sealing holes and cracks in firewalls is critical. It's a 3M product and availble from GreyBar Elect 818-779-4820 also from WhiteCapBuilders Supply --"Glen"
G-FORCE -- Helmet Restraint Systems, Helmets, Suits, etc..
Hutchern-Pagan -- Roof Flap Systems.
I/O Port Racing Supplies -- Roll Bar & Cages - Frequently Asked Questions. What is ERW, DOM and Chrome-Moly? They tell you here.
ISP - Innovate Safety Products -- Seats, Head supports, lateral head support, leg support, etc.
Kirkey Racing -- All types of racing seats.
Pegasus Auto Racing --SFI Approved High Density Foam, 1" thick sheet. Meets and exceeds SFI 45.2 specifications for foams used in cockpit areas for driver safety in motorsports. The R3 Head and Neck Restraint is SFI-38.1 Certified and unlike other carbon fiber restraint systems that rely on your shoulder harness, you won't be left unprotected for a second impact if the restraint comes out of the belts during an accident. Also 5 lb. and 10 lb. fire bottles.
Phoenix Custom Apparel -- Phoenix Custom Apparel is a manufacturer of quality apparel products. The official supplier for NHRA and 8 other racing sanctioning bodies, and they have some nice features built into their SFI 3.2/20 's that others don't. Their 20's start at $1000.
Rieker Inc. -- Need automatic chute deployment. Mike uses these on the Ack Attack. "We use a 2 axis. 45 degree for side to side and 10 degree for nose up. They are relatively cheap about $80.00 for single axis and $180.00 for two axis. All solid state and pretty much bullet proof. we tried all sorts of vibration and shock levels and they won't go off unless you exceed the programmed angles.", Mike.
Saferacer.com -- I got my G-Force Helmet and gloves from these guys. Good prices and great service.
Safety wire -- Where and how to use it on ultralight, experimental aircraft and amateur built aircraft.
SFI Foundation website -- Learn about our company and its role in setting minimum performance standards for the automotive aftermarket and motorsport industries.
Simpson Race Products -- Chutes, suits, belts and more.
Snell Memorial Foundation -- is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to research, education, testing and development of helmet safety standards.
Stroud Safety -- Stroud Safety started with one product – DRAG CHUTES – and now manufacturers more than 100 products.
Thermo Tec -- (Be sure to download their catalog) The latest in exhaust insulating and heat protection technology. Over 130 products that either control heat dissipation or reflect heat away from parts and components in an unlimited number of potential uses.
Wesco Performance -- Our firesuits have SFI fire ratings from SFI 3-2A/1 thru SFI 3-2A/20 so you can always find the right fire protection for your drivers suit. They have the best pricing on /20 suits I've seen anywhere.

Videos and Still Pictures of Land Speed Racing:
2008 Videos.......................
Hooley and his Stude 2008.......

Other 2008 Videos.......................
256 MPH at Maxton -- 636 WHP powers Charlie Anstaett down the Maxton Mile at a best-of record 256 MPH. How does he make this kind of power? Dave Owens & Charlie dish all the details.
Bub 7 -- Interview with Dennis Manning about the world motorcycle land speeed record.
Bub 7 - In the Wind Tunnel (video 1)
Bub 7 - In the Wind Tunnel (video 2)
Bub 7 - In the Wind Tunnel (video 3)
Debbie Dross (DaMurf) at ECTA -- Conquering 200MPH & Disaster on a Naked Hayabusa
Jason McVicar -- SCTA Bonneville Speed Week 2008. 243 mph get-off, but ok.
Land Speed Racing at El Mirage -- Great video of what land speed racing at El Mirage is like.
Land Speed Racing & Maxton Mile -- Born on the flats of Bonneville, the Maxton Mile was created to give Land Speed Racers back East a chance to run fast. Hosted several times a year in Maxton, NC, you can watch as a Mustang tries for 200 MPH plus the Maine Barons Team share the iconic story of Sam's roadster.
Texas Mile -- Jet Car goes 324 MPH for Texas Speed Record
Todd's Harley -- This is one cool video. Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

2007 Videos.......................
Hooley and his Stude 2007......................
Hooley 2007 -- Thursday's record qualifying run of 238 mph
Hooley 2007 -- Friday's aborted backup run with a spin at about 225 to 230 mph

Videos from the 1149 Crew for 2007.................
1149's first run -- Ted Allan driving
1149's 3rd run -- Ted Allan Driving
1149's 4th run -- Don Siewert driving his first run of the meet.
1149's 5th run -- Ted Allan driving.
Don Siewert driving -- 1149's fastest run yet, Quarter is low, but exit is fantastic!
Don's Run -- Viewed from the 3 -- 1149's 6th run.
Mikes Spin -- 12 August 2007
For more info on 1149'S runs such as speeds, etc. ( CLICK HERE ).

Video from Sparky's (Bill Smith) Car 2211................
Record Qualifying Run -- Record Qualifying Run of 276 mph.
Record Backup Attempt -- Sideways at 245 to 250 mph.

Other 2007 Videos.......................
120 MPH Go Kart -- R6 yamaha powered Go Kart at WOS.
2007 Coverage of Speed Week -- Produced by Xcorps Action Sports TV #39.
+200 MPH Bonneville -- Speedweek 2007
225.2 mph at Maxton -- Hennessey Venom 1000 Twin Turbo Viper Competition Coupe Sets Maxton Mile World Record! www.HennesseyPerformance.com
226 mph with Mark Deluca -- Riding Larry Forstall's stroker busa (1650CC APS) set the world record at 226mph and change average for 5 miles.
228 MPH California Fritz Bonneville 2007 -- Motorcycle Streamliner at BUB
231.66mph at Maxton -- The SVS Stryker TTRS achieved 4 world records with this 1 standing mile run of 231.66mph that was achieved in Oct 2007 at the Maxton Monster Mile in N.C.
550HP Turbo Hayabusas & 230 MPH -- Fast bikes at the Texas Mile. The inside scoop on 2 Hayabusa turbo bikes that both run over 230 MPH and collectively generate nearly 1000HP. Learn the tricks behind the speed & the story of what happened when 1 rider bit it at 200 mph.
AARP Salt Flat Dreams -- Coverage at World Finals. They did an excellent job on this video in my estimation.
American Hot Rod the Series -- Jo Coddington on a Licensing Pass at Bonneville
American Hot Rod the Series -- Jo's Spin
Australian Belly Tank -- Reverend Hedgash and Dr Goggles lakester. A walk around view of it on a trailer. This is one nice looking lakester.
The Buckeye Bullet 2 -- Cockpit footage of 201mph run for the BB2 a hydrogen fuel cell land speed vehicle designed to break the speed record for electric vehicles at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah..
Hotrod Magazine Special -- David Freiburger driving the Hotrod Magazine Special and his record run.
Jack Costella's Salt Snake -- Being built in his shop.
Land Speed Racing Videos -- Mark Brazeau, S.C.T.A. Official Photographer, Covering Bonneville, El Mirage and Muroc since 1989.
Motorcycle land speed racing at bonneville -- History of motorcycles and the Land Speed records..
Ransom Racing -- 2007 Speed Week. Eight passes, nothing broke, top speed of 153.0 mph.
Swiss Performance --The Swiss Government goes after 4 world records.
Wolds Fastest 4 Cylinder -- 360mph with Rick Yacoucci.
2006 Videos.......................
Hooley and his Stude 2006......................
Hooley 2006 -- One Run. A composite of different cameras showing a run down the long course.
Hooley 2006 -- A view of the 223 mph spin from the rear camera.
Bonneville 2006 -- Good overall coverage and has part of Hooley's Spin.

Videos from the 1149 Crew for 2006.................
North of 49 - Acceleration -- Come along for a ride in North of 49.
Starting Line Don Departs -- Don Siewert leaving the Start in 1149.
1149 view from the pits -- 1149 passing by the pits.
Starting Line -- Ted Allan at the wheel on one of our final runs.
Blown Fuel Competition Coupe Spin.
393 B/CBFALT -- Chuck Walbridge Spin.
For more info on 1149'S runs such as speeds, etc. ( CLICK HERE )

Other 2006 Videos.......................
1970 Hemi Superbird
Black Camero -- flips on the salt at Speed week. Filmed by Mark Brazeau
Bonneville 2006 -- Unique video of the event from the air.
Bonneville Wide Open -- An award-winning documentary movie about auto racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Car Gets Upside Down -- I'm not sure if this was in 2006 or not.
F & H Ironworks Bonneville Racing Team -- Short video for a Land Speed Record Holder. TURBO Buell S1.
Fast Friends -- 3 good videos and the story of their MV Agusta on the salt in 2007.
Honda's project Bonneville
Ransom Racing -- 260Z 300Zx Engine W/nos The car was build for Cliff Ransom to race At Bonneville. Cliff Started Racing at Bonneville in the 50's But stopped to take care of his family's needs. So we the family decided to give this dream back to him. Have Fun Dad We Love You...... For more Info Please look up SCTA-BNI on the net and Support "Save The Salt"
Vesco Turbinator -- Doing a run at the Bonneville Salt Flats.
World's Fastest Motorcycle -- ESPN coverage of the great 3 way 2006 motorcycle shootout on the salt.
2005 Videos.......................
Tracer Racing -- Chuck Billington breaks F/FL record during Bonneville Speedweek 2005 (more)

2004 Videos.......................
Other 2004 Videos.......................
ACK Attack Streamliner -- The crash occured during the 2004 BUB Speed Trials on the Bonneville Salt Flats. This was the first time the motorcycle streamliner had been driven at high speed. It crashed in the middle of the timing blocks at a little over 300 mph!! (more)
Confederate Wraith at Bonneville Salt Flats 2004
Videos Prior to 2004.......................
1990 Speed Week -- Documentary on Wheelstv.net. Well worth looking at.
Phoenix "Racing Time" -- 285 mph in Carl Heaps incredible LSR Diesel Truck. One of the all time great vehicles to ever run on the salt.
Vintage Bonneville Racing --- Breedlove, Arfons Etc. Old footage and explanations of the race to the highest MPHs in the jet wars of '64. Great video.
Tom Burkland -- 450MPH+. I think you can see the chute failure at the end that led to the car running past the end of the course and damaging it.
Rocket Bike -- Bonneville 1999. Peak Speed 365 mph.
Steve Knecum -- Bonneville 2003 riding Forstall owned 'busa at 250 mph.
Thrust SSC --- Montage. If you only look at one look at this one!!
Thrust SSC --- Supersonic Run
Thrust SSC --- Cockpit view as it goes Supersonic.
Thurst SSC --- Multiple views of the run.
Thrust SSC --- Pulling away
Thrust SSC - View from the air 1
Thrust SSC --- View from the air 2
Thrust SSC --- Fly-by (Excellent Mirage)
Thrust SSC --- "Everything is going to be wonderful"
Land Speed Racing Photos..........
Lake Gairdiner 2009 Photo's --- A lot of nice pictures by Graham (grumm441).

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