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--- Twin Intercooler Mounts ---
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It was decided that two intercoolers would be used. One dedicated to each turbo. The output from the intercoolers would join ahead of the carb hat. The are liquid Water to Air Intercoolers that are 19.5"x13"x4.75", 4.75" Core: 12"x10"x4.75", 3.5" Air Inlet&Outlet.
They came from CX Racing and are suppose to support up to 1500 HP each. That might be a reach, but we wanted the largest that we could get and fit into the car that were withing the budget. The quality looks good to us but only temp sensors before and after them will tell if they are good performers or not.
We wanted the most direct route from the compressors to the intercoolers and then from them to the carb hat. Mounting them ahead in the nose made that possible as the passenger side turbo's compressor exits on the bottom and the air from it will go forward to the bottom intercooler directly ahead of it . The driver side turbo's compressor output will go to the top intercooler.
The air will exit the intercoolers on their opposite side and head to a "Y" fitting before the carb hat.
The intercoolers clear the bottom of the hood. The 5 inch pipe above them will stick out the front of the hood and be the air inlet to the twin turbos.
The turbos were mocked into place with pieces of wood.
The bottom intercooler was attached to a piece of flat strap welded to the front cross-member.
The left arrow points to the mount that was made for the top intercooler. The mounting tabs that came welded to the intercoolers were used. The right arrow points to the beginning of the mounts on the engine side of the intercoolers.
The mounts on this side was a series of pieces that..
... allow for easy removal of the mounts themselves and the intercoolers.
There are two diagonals at the bottom that go up to a piece of strap that the bottom intercooler bolts to. Above that are more pieces that continue to be bolted on consecutively above each other.
The left arrow points to the mount on the cross-member for the bottom intercooler and the other two arrows point to the mount for the top intercooler. These mounts also prevent the intercoolers from moving fore-aft in the car.
The left arrow represents the path of the air from the one compressor to the bottom intercooler and the right allow represents the path for the other compressors output to the top intercooler. By minimizing bends the pressure drop in the pipes between the comprssors and the carb should be very low, mainly the pressure drop in the intercoolers themselves and the 180 degree change in direction the air takes from the entry point to the exit point.
The center arrow points to the air inlet to the twin turbos and it will make a bend and go up over the intercoolers and out the nose of the car.
I was able to fab and tack these mounts in place when Ruth and I stopped on our way to Florida in March 2013. Hooley finished the welds and was left with all the rest of the turbo mounting and plumbing to do himself which will be shown on the following pages,

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