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--- The Stude's 2013 Changes Page 4 ---
--- Extend the Wheelbase 24 Inches ---
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The views below show how Hooley cut the front end and then extended it ....
The front clip after all the panels were removed and ready to be cut loose.

The front clip was supported by a cherry picker and a sling during the cut.

The cut was made at a 45 degree angle. The holes are for plug welds on the plug that goes inside of the frame rails.

A view of the roll cage down bars that were also cut to make the stretch.

Moving the front clip forward.
There isn't a standard size of material that fits snug inside of the frame rails. So I made the plugs to fit. They worked well.

The frame is stretched, I added a scab/fish plate to the inside of the rails. It covers all of the stretch and lapped it over the seams.

A view towards the front of the extended frame.

I welded a 1X2 steel perpendicularity to the frame rail for added strength side to side.

Here it is with the rollcage down bars connected. Again inter plugs and rose welds were used for strength.

Extra bracing in the form of diagonals tying the roll cage down bars to the main frame rail. One will have to be removed when we get to the turbos.
The wheelbase has now been extended two feet. This added lenght wil soon be taken up by the twin turbos, intercoolers and all of the associated plumbing.

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