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--- The Stude's 2013 Changes Page 17 ---
--- Radiator In-A-Box -- Part V ---
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The next hurdle was how to mount the tank in the car.
I started with making these pieces out of 3/16 X 3 inch aluminum flat strap.
Then welded them in the manner above. Also note the extra set of holes that have been added between the outer holes. The will correspond to holes on straps that will be added to the bottom of the tank.
The piece of wood to the left is 3 inches high and represents the 1 X 3 side rail where the tank is going and the plywood would be the floor in that area that Hooley added to the car.
Above you can see the two straps that were welded to the bottom of the tank, also 3/16th X 3 inches wide.
The tank bolts to the mounts on the inside and outside and the platforms will be bolted to the floor in this area.
A side view.
And an outboard view. Hooley will weld tabs onto the outside of the 1 X 3 frame rail and the platforms will bolt to that just outside the frame but inside of the fender I hope. The water pump will mount probably between these.

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