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--- The Stude's 2013 Changes Page 15 ---
--- Radiator In-A-Box -- Part III ---
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Let's finish covering the sides of the radiator.
Only one side was bent in the brake to begin with and ....
.... it was notched for the radiator inlet to the point where it aligned with the piece next to it, top arrow. The piece was left long, left arrow, until the fit was good and then it was trimmed to length .
Next the other side was bent and cut to lenght so that it lined up there also with the other piece. With that accomplished....
.... it was welded to the radiator tank sides and down the middle to the other half of the covering for this side. I welded these on to the tank sides back a bit being affraid that I might somehow overheat the tubes in the radiator and have them come loose, but that didn't happen.
Above is a view down into the side and you can see the box divider laying on the radiator.
Next up was the bottom to the box and also the passage way that would bring the water from the Meziere pump on the opposite side of the box around to this side, arrows. The passage was made 1 1/2 inches wide.
Once the aluminum was marked it was cut and ....
.... welded to the box bottom. At this point the radiator has all but disappeared except for the end tanks sticking out of the box on the sides.
A small piece was welded to the fender side of the box for the inlet.
The line from the Meziere to the box is going to be 1 1/4 inches so a bead was welded around a piece of 1 1/4 O.D. tubing and then turned in the lathe. Then the piece was cut to length.
A 1 1/4 inch hole was drilled and bored into a pices of aluminum and the piece was then....
.... welded to another piecce of .090 aluminum. The .090 5025 aluminum was also used for the rest of the box.
Next the spigot was welded on. The thicker aluminum was added for strength when putting the hose off and on.
The spigot was also welde to the inside.
The resulting piece was welded onto the end of the tank base and will provide the inlet from the pump into the passage leading to the far side of the box.

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