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Eric Larson -- I bought my Nomad in September 1970 while I was stationed at March AFB, CA. It was the right car for me in THE car culture center of the world (maybe even the universe!). At first I didn't even know what a Nomad was. All I knew was that it was one bitchin’ looking wagon. It had a 1965 327/ 365 hp ‘Vette engine with a T-10 4-speed and Hurst shifter, 4.11:1 gears, and American Racing Torque-Thrust mags. It hauled butt!! Unfortunately that combination cost me a rear end on my second day of ownership.

That is how Eric's story starts. To read the rest of it and see how his car came back to him after 25 years read the rest of the story here.

It is an interesting story. Thanks Eric for sharing this with us.

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