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George H. McDowell - CARNUT -- I purchased this car in late 1965 in rough condition, while I was going to high school and working as a part time apprentice mechanic at a local garage. I attended several primitive rod runs with the car and started picking up friends and acquaintances with similar interests during high school and shortly after. A couple of these guys and I became fast friends, one, the late Jonny Pate, became my brother-in-law when I married his sister Bonnie, another Keith Meikle is still my neighbor today.

The specks on the car were: 31 Ford Model A Coupe, 49 Ford Flathead v8, 49 Mercury Bellhousing, 39 Ford Floorshift trans w/50 Ford gears. 40 Ford rear end and shortened torque tube & drive shaft. 40 Ford front suspension with split wishbones. The frame was lengthened 8" and,partially boxed. It had 49 Ford gas tank, and 49 Ford gauge cluster. The seat was stock recovered Model A. 48 Ford heater and 53 Ford Radio. It was channeled the width of the frame and had 53/54 Olds Taillights, don't remember which year for sure.

I only blew the transmission twice (once blew the bottom of the case out right in the school parking area in front of the main school entrance, kinda embarrassing, stuck in 1st gear I managed to limp it home) and broke the drive shaft once and one rear axle with the early Ford drivetrain.

I still have this car and will have it until my Bankruptcy sale or my Estate sale, whichever comes first. George has a great car site. If you haven't been there go NOW.
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