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Jeff Fennema -- Cosmo-- This is my first rod, built in the mid-eighties. It is an unusual 'T' body in that it had a console formed in the interior. I bought it as an unfinished rod, and finished it to the best of my abilities at the time. It was painted, but not upholstered, the engine was not assembled, and there was no wiring.

The run down is like this: 350, bored .060, Duntov 30-30 cam, fuelie heads, 2.02 valves, single four barrel on some aluminum manifold. Turbo 400, leading to an early 'Vette straight axle with 4:11 posi. I did eventually upholster it, and then sold it minus the engine. In the meantime, I had a lot of fun.

Cosmo's Second Ride This was a '38 Chevy, bought from a friend of mine. He was going to build it for his daughter, using a big block and four speed, but she wanted to have a new car. Go figure. I removed the early 318 that was blocking access for a 305 turbo 350 combo, held it up with a Heidt's M-II, stuffed a Volare rear under it, and stole the wheels, still like 'em. Used an Oldsmobile Cutlass dash, the original was cut out with what looked like tin snips. The tilt, cruise, and wiring harness also from the Olds. Seats were from a Cavalier, was just going to buy red upholstery from Chevy, then found out they didn't make any red interiors. Traded seats for those from a red 280ZX. Cut out the rear area so that daughter could ride there, and built an aluminum panel, went below the dash, to hold the radio and controls. Added power windows because someone told me I couldn't. Then drove it 20,000 miles in two years. It also was my only car for that period, too. Took it to the CO. mini nats in '92, had a good time. Took it all over the mountains while there. Darn thing never faltered. This car is the reason that many of it's feature are on the new car, they didn't fail.

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