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I owe a big thanks to the following people who have helped me in this project. I hope I haven't left anyone out. Since I've change from a car motor to a motorcycle motor I won't be using some of these items, but I still want to thank everyone.

Thanks, Sum

Benny Rhoads -- Benny stays in constant touch with me and has offered a lot of help and suggestions along with aluminum for the disc brake rotor adapter, loan of a rotary table to help with machine work, a front axle, found 2 airplane drop tanks that we are looking at for the body. He is also the crew chief at large. Thanks also to his lovely wife Lillie for her support in this project.

Bob Woods -- 2 Datsun 240Z rears and other parts at a good price.

John Bjorkman -- SCTA Special Construction Category Chair -- Has given me help and advice when I can't figure the rule book out. Thanks John.

Mike Horrie -- Saginaw Transmission, Bell Housing, Flywheel/Clutch assembly, Linkage, pedals and much more.

Wayne Petty -- Muncie 4 speed close ratio transmission at a great price and he rebuilt it for me. This transmission is currently in Hooley's 200 mph Stude ( 207 mph with Hooley )

John Brownlow -- Narrowed my 9 inch Ford Axle 5 inches.

Carl A. Brunson -- Massaratti Turbos, Intercoolers, etc.

Jay Carnine -- Bushings for the suspension

Jim Rivers -- SBC Headers

Jake Padilla -- Found me an Model A axle at a great price.

John Kimbrough -- SBC Headers and my fiber glassing expert.

Loyd (Hooley) Huffman -- Lots of good advice and encouragement and the offer to use his firesuit along with anything else he has I could use. Also some aluminum and the opportunity to be a crew member with his Stude where I've learned a lot.

Bruce Royer -- 3 Ford 9 inch rearends in exchange for some fruit from my orchard.

Frank and Frank Jr. Kocinski (enjenjo & Fat Cat) -- Two of my technical advisors who I dump dumb questions on and who always have an answer.

Bruce Dorsi -- Crane Turbo Manual

J & M Welding -- Steel at a discount

Shane Gans from Beaumont, TX for transporting the F-86 Drop Tanks from Benny's to Austin, TX.

Bob Owens for getting the Drop Tanks from Austin, TX to Wellington, TX where I picked them up.

Tom Burkland -- Lots of invaluable advice on the car and safety features along with major help in learning about the dynamics of racing at Bonneville.

Larry Forstall -- Sent me some used Hayabusa cases so I could prepare the car for the larger Hayabusa motor later.