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Very Important Note: If you send me pictures there is a good chance you will not receive credit for it and I won't be able to post that it is copyrighted. If this is a problem please don't send the picture. I have to do this to keep the posting time down in order to finish this project. If you send me a CD with "lots" of pictures I "might" be able to give you credit.

If you are going to send me a picture with information please read the following and try and follow it. If you have questions ( CONTACT ) me.

I'm getting most of my info off of the SCTA's B'ville pre-entry list and would like to stay with that format. Here is how they present it with a few cars/bikes for examples:

Vehicle - Engine -- Body ------- Entry Name --------------- City State Zip Country
34 ---------- B ------ GRMR --- TIME ONLY T ------------------ SO. EL MONTE CA
36 ---------- C ------- FR ------- STEINEGGER & ESHENBAUGH - PHOENIX AZ
40 ---------- F ----- BSTR ---- GLENN CHAMBERS -------- VALLEY CENTER CA
418B --- 250CC -- P-PP ----- LITTLE THUMPER ---------------- PRUNEDALE CA
431B --- 250CC -- A-G ------- RITE RACING ---------------------------- PHOENIX AZ
435B --- 250CC - APS-BF --- SELDOM SEEN SLIM ------------MARQUETTE MI

For the time being anyway I want to stay with this format as the pre-entry list is the biggest asset I have at the moment. Chuck Kalbach, who handles the Competition/Entry Numbers, has said he will help me with this in the future as changes take place and I think this is the format he has for the cars, except he doesn't know the "engine and body" since the person who has the number assigned to them has the option of changing those at any time.

I 've changed my file structure to help with the dilemma of the number not being really a car/bike number, but belonging to a person and they can change car/bike and classes at will with the same number.

Since a lot of you have said this is good historically and I now agree, when you see a number in the list you will see a year by it. That was to the best of my knowledge the car/bike and class that belongs to the picture with the number at that time.

This means you will start to see the same number on the list that will link you to different years and the car/bike as it was with that number in the year listed.


For example take Falkner/Livingston, he e-mailed me pictures and the following:

"615B has been a lucky number for us over the 4 years we have had it. (they used the same number in these years on different bikes/classes):

2003 50CC P/P Falkner/Livingston -- Mission Viejo, CA
2004 650CC APS/F Falkner/Livingston -- Mission Viejo, CA
2006 1650CC P/P Falkner/Livingston -- Mission Viejo, CA"

So when I post his picture you will see 615B (2003), 615B (2004) and 615B (2006).

This is more work for me, but in the long run it will give us a better history of the number and what vehicle it was associated with. Still there is no way I can do this and be totally accurate.

Back to the question as to what I want.

For any given picture I would like the following that describes the car/bike that goes with the picture:

1. --- Number
2. --- Motor (same as examples above)
3. --- Body (same as examples above)
4. --- Entrant Name (not necessarily the owner -- see examples above)
5. --- City, State and Country if other than U.S.

If you have any questions (

c ya,



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