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Conch Cruisers Forum -- A group of trailer-sailors with similar vessels, that share similar interests in cruising, exploration and adventure.
Internet Sailing Club of Venture of Newport Sailors -- Welcome to the Meeting Room of the Venture Newport sailors! (Note: To get to the forum click on the "Club House" in the upper left-hand corner of Clif's Home Page.)
Macgregor Sailboat Owners .com -- They have a "Ask A Macgregor Owner Forum"
MacGregor Sailers -- Various Mac related forums.
MacGregor Trailer Sailors -- A yahoo group for Mac Owners.
North East Trailor Sailors -- Public and Members Only forums. Not Mac only, but a lot of Mac owners.
Trailer sailor.com MacGregor/Venture Forum --This board is an open forum for discussing anything pertaining to Macgregor and Venture sailboats.
Venture 24 Sailboat Group -- A yahoo group for the Venture 24 sailboats of the mid 70's along with links to other sail boat sites with info that also apply to our V24's.

Organizations-Associations and Clubs:
Conch Cruisers -- A group of trailer-sailors with similar vessels (Mac's), that share similar interests in cruising, exploration and adventure
Las Vegas Bay MacGregor Association -- This Association was formed to create an atmosphere where new members can feel welcomed with little sailing experience.
Macgregor Yacht Club of British Columbia (MYCBC.ca) -- We are a group of present and past Macgregor Yacht Owners. Most of our members are in British Columbia, Canada, although we do have several members from other places..
North East Trailer Sailors -- At one time we were a "MacGregor owners group". That's no longer the case. Although many of our members own Macgregors, there are members with Hunters, Catalinas, and more. All are welcome.
Trailer/Sailors Association -- The mission of the Trailer/Sailors Association is to provide its members with the means of exchanging ideas and information on all aspects of sailing trailerable boats.
Venture of Newport Owner’s Registry -- links to other Venture of Newport sites.
VENTURE SAILING CLUB OF DALLAS -- We are a non-profit organization that began in 1968 and continues on today with principal owners of Venture/MacGregor sailboats and other trailerable sailboats.
Venture Yacht Club of San Diego -- Dedicated to trailerable sailboat owners with an emphasis on MacGregor owners. They are very active throughout the year with racing, cruising, raft-ups, charity events, trailer clinics and something we call an All Hands - Hands On clinic where safety, rigging, motors,and knots are discussed on land and safe sailing practices, man overboard drills, launching and docking are practiced on the water....
West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron -- A community of sailing friends on Florida's west coat that gathers together as a fleet once or twice per month, to cruise or daysail together.

Owner Sites By Boat Type:
Classic MacGregor Sites (the 26D and 26S):
Bill's 26D -- Lots of pictures of this nice Florida based 26D.
Cuiviénen (26S) -- A Kansas based Mac with some nice clean mods. Check out the gas tank vent he is using for the tank in the lazarette.
Dreamtime (1989 26D) -- In our site you will find pages with extensive modifications to our MacGregor 26D sailboat and where we sail ("Nice modification pictures", Sum).
Jemardo II (1995 26S) -- We have sailed on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, and Lake Pepin near the Twin Cities, Gull Lake and Pelican Lake near Brainard, MN and the Bay of Green Bay in Lake Michigan and Upper Lake Michigan. (Lots of good Mods pictures on this site, Sum)
Kera Jane (1990 26S) -- Follow along as Ruth and Sumner learn to sail for the first time and watch for modifications to their Mac.
Paul's 26S -- He has some nice photos of updates along with on on sealing your chainplates that I'll use.
Loyd Dussault's (26) -- With a permanent hardtop where the pop-top was.
Ocean Whisper -- The name of Francois' MacGregor 26 Classic sailboat, based in Comox on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He has made a lot of nice modifications and has some great info on sailing around the Vancouber Island area.
Sundog (1987 26D) -- 3 pages of pictures of Deb and Luke's Boise, ID based 26D. They start just past the car pictures.
Sea Eagle (1990 26S) -- Walt has a very nice Mac and some great pictures out on Lake Powell in Utah.
Teliki (1992 26S) -- "Hopefully, this site will share a few of our sailing experiences. In April 2006 - a 1992 Mac 26C has been added to our "stable". Check out "The Macgregor project" to see what we've gotten ourselves into this time", Chris & Lenore.
Tiller Time (1991 26S) -- Doug has done a lot of work on this boat. Check out his many albums at the left side of the page that the link takes you to.
Yumiko Maru (1987 26D -- This is an extensively modified D with a complete new stern that is 30+ inches longer with a swim platform and too much to describe. Check it out.
Watermark (1991 26S) -- Bob has a really nice boat and you can check out modifications he made to his 1991 Mac.
Whale's Home Page -- Lots of modifications to this Mac 26S and other good information.

MacGregor Power Sailors Sites (the X and M):
Allegro (1996 MacGregor 26x)-- Our 'X' is highly customized to meet our family needs on extended trips out on Puget Sound. Customizing the boat is half the fun of owning it. "This is a great site check out their many Family Cruising Logs and modifications".
Ariane (26X) -- Ariane Lives in the Douro Valley famous for its vineyards made in stone steps. Check out the very nice interior pictures of this boat.
DeFino Sailing site (2000 26X) -- I really enjoy cruising. Some recent adventures include a cruise to the Bahamas and a sail to the Dry Tortugas.
Divecoz (26M) -- Some various mods to this Chicago based M.
Frank's 26M -- Some nice pictures of this Falls, PA Mac.
Highlander's 26M -- Check out his many albums on this link, especially the bowsprit one and of course the others. There is a lot of nice work done to this Mac.
König 26M -- König is a 2005 Macgregor 26M "Power Sailor" with a retractable dagger-board style keel and 40 H.P. 2-stroke engine. It is capable of 6+ knots under sail and 15+ knots under power.
Knot Shore (1999 26X) -- I finally bought my 26x.. after owning my Mac19 for about 8 years... thought I would give it a different look... ya know... separate it from all those other Mac26x's roaming near NC beaches.. The black stripes are vinyl from a sign shop, the swoosh is from a website that makes pin striping. A very nice web site with a lot of mods to this X.
Mad Mike's 26X -- Lots of nice and unusual mods to this X.
Mildred Rose (2004 Macgregor 26M) - This website will show pictures and have stories about our sailing adventures on the S/V Mildred Rose. You will also find pictures of modifications, links and other goodies.
Seven C’s (1998 Macgregor 26X) -- Browse around to learn more about MacGregor sailboats, our favorite sailing adventures and links to our favorite sailing web sites..

Venture/MacGregor Sites (Prior to the Mac 26 S&D's):
Bob's 1974 (Venture 25) -- On this site Bob has documented work on several boats in his 3 albums. Besides the work on the Venture there is an album with mods to a Newport 23 and another with mods to an Ericson & Catalina sailboats.
Clay's Venture 21 -- A nice West Virginia Venture.
Foray (1977 Venture 21) -- Added depth sounder, battery meter, bilge pump, boom vang, new boards and carpet on trailer. There are two albums on 03-24-09, one with modification (nice) and another one with the "first cruise" on the right side of the page where the link will take you.
Fortitudine Vincimus (By Endurance We Conquer) (1977 Venture 222 -- Eric & Rene's very nice restored V222. Pictures ( HERE ).
Lady II (Venture 222) -- Before and after modifications.
Lee's (1982 Macgregor 21) -- This site is basically dedicated to my 1982 MacGregor 21, "Cool Change" manufactured by MacGregor Yachts.
Mis'Adventure (1979 V25) -- Phil Brown's Mis'Adventure and other Sailing Photos. Photos ( HERE )
Over Keel (1970 Venture 24) -- The boat is a 1970 Venture 24 foot. The hull # is 484. It is found under the cockpit on the fiberglass wall that holds the flotation foam in.
Sailing Small (1972 MacGregor 222) -- Why restore a trailerable sailboat? There were lots of reasons that I took on this project- the biggest reason was money. Actually, that was the smallest reason, as in I had very little when I bought this sailboat. I had sold my Catalina 27 nearly ten years ago.................
Seascape (1984 Mac 25) -- Docked in Texas, and sailed on Galveston Bay. Quite a few upgrades made by the owner.
MacGregor V21 (1972) -- Restoration of a MacGregor V21. I painted her inside and out during the winter of 2003-2004 and I added extra deck hardware so that I can run her as a cutter or a sloop.
Time Bandit (Mac 25) -- Very nice Mac 25 with some very nice mods to it. Be sure and check out the gauges in the bulkhead between the cabin and cockpit.
Valentina (1978 Venture 2-22) -- Welcome to the Internet dock of our sailboat "Valentina"where you will find some basic information on our boat, a little history, some personal thoughts, Internet links related to sailing and of course, pictures of us sailing, and things we have done with our boat.
Venture 17 Restoration and Much More -- Joe did a lot of work with this restoration and it turned out great. He also has a lot of video showing the rigging and setting the boat up to sail. Even if you don't have a Venture 17 be sure and check his site out.
Venture Cat 15 -- A really nice site on a Venture/Mac you don't see much, the 15 foot Cat. There are also old adds and the manual there. Very nice.
Venture Sailboat (22 Ft. 1971) -- This is a great first boat as it is very forgiving and easy to launch and retrieve due to the swing keel............
Wahoo (1969 Venture 17) -- Restoration and Modification of a V17 and some nice trips.
Wild Hair (1987 Mac 25) -- It is the cruising-est, racing-est, bluewater sailing-est Mac 25 that ever prowled the Keys, sailed the seas and aimed to please......
Venture of Newport Sites:
Clif's Venture of Newport -- The Venture Newport has been my favorite from a time years before I owned one. On this website you will find that other owners share the same feelings for their Venture of Newport. ("A very comprehensive Venture of Newport site", Sum.)
Heinzir's Chiquita -- This MacGregor Yatch's Venture of Newport is a replica of a late 1800's cutter. For great pictures of this really nice older MacGregor ( CLICK HERE ).
Joe Dumbauld's Remedy -- I have a 1978 Yellow Venture 23. I have owned my boat Remedy for more than 8 years and still enjoy it a lot.
Merle Mae -- Merle Mae is not like other Venture Newports, she has Edson transom mounted wheel steering. Even the pin rails at the base of her mast add a classic flair to this proud lady.
MOBI -- A shot of my boat in the tropics. Owned for 6 years and sailed out of Madang, Papua New Guinea.
Remedy -- I have a 1978 Yellow Venture 23. I have owned my boat Remedy for more than 8 years and still enjoy it a lot.
Rex Mosak's Seagull -- I just dropped in. I have a 76 Venture cutter which has had many modifications such as the clipper bow.
Skallywag -- Humboldt Bay, California -- Jeff Barrett, Skipper -- Modifications & woodwork by previous owner, father & son Mike & Jake Fuller. ("This is a beautiful boat", Sum)
Windsong -- Lon Hinde, Salt Lake City, UT -- We love the boat handling of the cutter setup. With three sails up the helm is neutral we've sailed like this to about 17 mph true to windward and she settles in at 15 degrees.
Venture of Newport Owner’s Registry -- links to other Venture of Newport sites.
WOW (1973 Venture of Newport) -- Lots of great pictures of this beautiful boat along with a Venture of Newport Owner’s Registry with links to other Venture of Newport sites.

(all models of Ventures and Macgregors):
Bimini on the "Whale" -- I bought an inexpensive bimini which was 6 foot wide, 6 foot long and 36 inches high......
Bimini for the Mac -- First of all, if you do not want to move the main sheet boom attachment point, you need a 5 foot long model. I ordered it from Overton's.......(Note: I called Overton in Jan 2009 and the current part number for the bimini used in this article is now #72178, and you have to specify the color.)
Bimini Modification for Impulsive -- How they added a hole in the bimini for the back stay.
Chain Plate Water Leaks Solution -- Pictures of fixing the chain plate leaks.
Rubrail Install -- YouTube video of installing a rubrail on a 26X (good video).
Stitch & Glue Rudder for MacGregor 26 Dagger Board Sailboat -- Very good how to do with a set of plans.
Rudder Modification for a MacGregor 25 -- Youtube video showing the modification where three inches were added to the width and length and fiberglassed over the entire rudder in an effort to reduce the weather helm.
Rudder Modified for the Whale -- Making a new rudder for the Whale that gives much better control.
Rudder Repair and Modifications -- Rudder modification pictures.
RAM Mount for Fishfinder & GPS -- I installed my GPS and Fishfinder, using a RAM mount.........
Slugs for the Main Sail on the Mac -- When you add slugs the front of the sail (luff) is held to the mast so the sail is under better control. It also makes it much easier when you re hoist the sail. (If the link fails then: "If ordering from Sailrite the recommended slug no is 23308 and the shackle no is 24105."
Storage Modifications to a 26S -- Storage upgrades all over this boat.
Topping Lift -- Topping lift... an essential piece of equipment that can easily be added to any trailerable sailboat. The line is connect at the end of the boom to keep the boom up while lowering the mainsail. It's also quite useful to assist in raising the boom higher to facilitate adding a tarp in bad weather or just to keep it out of the way while at anchor or in the slip.
V-berth Storage on the Whale -- Two hatches so that only one mattress has to be lifted in order to gain access to the compartment.
Vee-Bunk Storage -- Using hatches, such as a Mako Boat Hatch Door, to improve the V-bunk storage.

Sailing Tips:
All about sailing - Online Sailing Course by U.S. Sailing -- Very Good Site.
How Heel Affects Speed and Handling -- The underwater hull shape of your boat when it heels affects how much sailing length is put to work, how easy it is to steer, and how much horsepower it can carry aloft as the breeze increases. Consequently, some hull shapes must be sailed differently to get the best performance.....
M26C Weather Helm -- The 26 is faster than most of the boats in its size range. The boat does have one bad characteristic. When hit with a puff she will develop more force to turn into the wind than the rudder can control and she will round up. This is not only annoying it can be dangerous if there are other boats or obstacles close by. ("Good info on this problem and fixes", Sum).
On-line Sail Simulator -- Master rudder and sail to get your boat going as fast as possible no matter what direction you're sailing in—or which way the wind’s blowing. "It helped us visualize things better, Sum"
Rigging Small Sailboats -- An online printable book that is a basic "how-to" guide for rigging modern single masted sailboats up to about 25' in length.
Steve Colgate's Basic Sailing -- These articles are excerpted from Colgate's Basic Sailing , which is used as a text at the Offshore Sailing School. ("This is a very good set of articles. Bob thanks for introducing them to me", Sum).
Part I -- Sailing Basics
Part II -- Understanding Apparent Wind
Part III -- Sail Trim
Part IV --The Balance of Hull and Sails
Part V -- Hull Speed Demystified
Part VI -- Spinnaker Fundamentals
Telltales -- A great article with active illustrations on how to use and were to place telltales.

Owner's Voyages (take a sail with these guys) --
Buck'o Takes His 26 S From Calif. to Panama -- Who says a Mac can't go to sea. Buck Graham takes his 26 S from California all the way down to Panama and not on a trailer!
Conch Cruisers -- A group of trailer-sailors with with a number of Macs that have gone to the Bahamas and the Dry Tortugas.
Dunn's Family Cruising Logs -- Some great nothwest trips taken by this family in their X.
Log of the Chinook's Great Loop Trip -- Mike and Sandy Cecka make an epic trip around the eastern United States.
Log of the Chinook's Voyage to Alaska -- Mike and Sandy Cecka's well documented voyage to Alaska
June 5 - August 25, 2005 in their X.
Log of the Chinook's Voyage to the Sea of Cortez -- Mike and Sandy Cecka's well documented voyage to Baja March 16 - May 20, 2008 in their X.
Log of the Chinook's Voyage to the Bahamas -- Mike and Sandy Cecka's long voyage to the Bahamas, Spring of 2011, in their X.
Log of the Cutwater -- Galveston Island, June 1997 -- Ten years since the Cutwater first sailed on Galveston waters. A number of things have changed in the nine years since we last sailed from Galveston.
Log of the Cutwater -- Kaw Lake, OK 1998 -- Friday, June 12, 1998 - Clear skies, 80's, Afternoon wind 15-20, Evening wind E 5-0 mph - We don't go sailing, we have ADVENTURES.... .
Ruth & Sumner's Trips with the Kera Jane -- These include our very first sail, 5 days on McPhee Reservoir in Colorado with a bunch of first timer's mistakes, our trip to Idaho and Canada where we sailed for 12 days on Priest Lake in Idaho and 12 days on Kootenay Lake in B.C. Canada. Then the last trip of 2009 was to Lake Powell for 18 days trying to sail (only using the motor to anchor) the length of the lake from near the dam at Page, AZ up to the headwaters at Hite, UT 150 some miles away.
Wahoo's San Carlos Adventure Log -- When much time, money and effort is spent restoring a 1969 boat a reward is in order. A reason for all the work has a clear set goal. Any reason to miss even just a sliver of a long Colorado winter aint bad either!
Walt's family trip to Lake Powell -- Nice pictures and a great trip. Walts write-up and pictures encouraged us to get a Mac, Sum.

MacGregor/Venture Data/Info Sites --
Compare Your Mac/Venture to Other Boats -- Do you want to see how your Mac or Venture compares to other boats? Check the interactive calculator on this site. You can use it to look up sailboat parameters in a large database of boats, or enter your own boat and compare to the others. In addition, for any boat you can calculate a set of quantities that will help you measure how it will perform.
How Water Ballast Works -- There is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation about water ballast boats. Here's a discussion about water ballast boats that might help set the record straight and will explain how water ballast works compared to a more conventional ballast.
Hull Number Identification -- These two tables will help you determine the model and year of your MacGregor or Venture.
M vs. X Interior Layout Diagram -- A very good diagram of the interiors of the X and M showing the differences between them.
MacGregor Factory Site -- Every year, for the past 35 years, the various models of the MacGregor 25 and MacGregor 26 have been the best selling cruising type sailboats, not only in the United States, but in the entire world. We can think of no other manufacturer, of any type of product, that has so totally dominated its market for so long a period of time..
Macgregor Model Information Center -- This a great section on SailboatOwners.com where for all the MacGregor models you can see Specifications, Owner Reviews, Directory of Owners, Photo Gallery and a Knowledge Base with various articles/modifications about the variour models of Macs.
MacGregor 26C Promotional Video -- The original 47 minute Macgregor promotional video Doug posted on youtube.
MacGregor 26M Promotional Video Part 1 -- Factory YouTube Video Part 1.
MacGregor 26M Promotional Video Part 2 -- Factory YouTube Video Part 2.
MacGregor 26M Promotional Video Part 3 -- Factory YouTube Video Part 3.
MacGregor 26M Promotional Video Part 4 -- Factory YouTube Video Part 4.
MacGregor 26M Promotional Video Part 5 -- Factory YouTube Video Part 5.
MacGregor 26M Promotional Video Part 6 -- Factory YouTube Video Part 6.
MacGregor 26M Promotional Video -- 50 MPH wind and 18 foot seas.
MacGregor 25/26 review -- An overview of the Mac 25 and 26C.
MacGregor 25 Manual -- Owners Manual for a Mac 25.
MacGregor 26S Manual -- Owners Manual for a Mac 26S.
MacGregor 26X Manual -- Owners Manual for a Mac 26X.
Mac 19 Powersailor Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their 19 Powrsailer?
Mac 26D Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their 26D?
Mac 26M Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their 26M?
Mac 26S Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their 26S?
Mac 26X Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their 26X?
Manual for Mac 25 -- Copy of manual for Macgregor 25.
PHRF Ratings -- Want to see how your Mac or Venture compares to other boats when it comes to going fast? Compare the rating for your boat to others on this web site.
Production years For Macs and Ventures (all models) -- Good overview of the years each model was produced.
Sailingtexas.com -- Ok you would like to see some pictures of Ventures, MacGregors (17, 19, 21, 22, 25, 26D, 26S, 26X, 26M, etc.) and interiors and paint schemes then go to this site and look at the MacGregor listings or using the index go to the Ventures. It was a huge help to us, Sum
Specs-- Mac vs. Mac vs. other boats -- Want to know how the Macs compare to each other and other boats when it comes to Displacement, Sail Area, Capsize Ratio, Hull Speed and much more. Check this table out.
V21 - V22 - V25 -- Owner's Instructions (Manual)
Venture 17 - 21 Info -- A sales brochure type info sheet on the two ventures that is interesting.
Venture 17 Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their Venture 17?
Venture 21 Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their Venture 21?
Venture 22 Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their Venture 22?
Venture 23 Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their Venture 23?
Venture 24 Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their Venture 24?
Venture 25 Reviews -- Want to know what owners think about their Venture 24?
Venture Cat 15 -- Adds, info and the manual for this seldom seen Venture Cat.
1980 V22 Rigging Pictures -- A nice set of pictures showing you how to rig your V22.

MacGregor Specific Parts/Supplies and Services --
Blue Water Yachts -- Blue Water Yachts has now taken over the distribution of all replacement parts from the MacGregor factory. If your part is available anywhere, we almost certainly have it!!
IdaSailor Marine -- we build World-Class sailboat rudders, sailboat tillers, and other sailboat parts in-house, while standing behind what we build with the best warranties in the industry.
Kelly-Hanson Marine -- Authorized MacGregor dealer that offers the ability to fully equip and purchase a brand new 2009 MacGregor 26M right on the internet! we have been able to create several custom products for the boat. Sails, canvas goods, hardware and running rigging just to name a few.
Kelly-Hanson Sails -- Kelly-Hanson has an array of quality built mainsails, jibs, genoas and cruising spinnakers for the MacGregor line of trailerable sailboats.
Lee Sail Covers -- Check out their sail covers, boom tents and other covers. They own a Mac 26X so are familiar with Mac's.
Nautilus Marine Charters -- Charter a trip on a MacGregor 26X in Canada. Life doesn't get better than this, "A trip down the Harrrison River on a warm September day."
Somerset Sails -- Their sails are constructed by Sailmakers in their facility in Barker, NY with modern equipment and current software to cut great sails with the best variety of sailcloth ever available in this industry. Somerset Sails was established in the County of Niagara in the State of New York on 07-07-87.
Note: Ruth and I bought a 135 Genoa with a radial cut and a full batten Main along with a CDI Furler from Somerset Sails in December of 2009. I'll report later how we liked them. Call and talk to Martin for pricing. You will find him very helpful and their prices very competitive. It was nice doing business with them, Sum.

Miscellaneous Not Necessarily Mac Related --
Great YouTube -- MacGregor making a run through a cut in Canada with very high Currents.
Want to go fast with a sail boat -- Check this video out.

Note: If you have a MacGregor Related Site that you would like added to this page please e-mail it to me at:...contact10(at)purplesagetradingpost(dot)com

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