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--- Oil Pan from Doug Lee Engineuity---
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Doug Lee and his crew at Doug Lee Engineuity (Propan) made the custom pan for the 572 BBC in Hooley's Stude along with a pair of valve covers with valve spring oilers in them. Take a look at the beautiful work that his shop turns out (HERE).
After the intial design of the pan was finalized the individual pieces....
Were laid out and cut. Next the pan was tig welded by one of the skilled welders (wish I could weld like this).
The turbos on the Stude are set quite low and there were worries about proper drain back from them to the pan as the return angle was fairly low. It was decide that a couple large forward facing fittings, bottom arrows, would help the situation since large hoses could be attached directly to the front of the pan as close to the turbos as possible and to some custom fittings that Hooley made for the bottoms of the turbo's center sections.
Even with the low return angle the large hoses allow flow back to the pan without worrying about the flow being blocked by slow flow as would be the case if smaller more normal size hoses were being used. So far this has worked very well.
Doug had his guys also baffle the ends of the fittings inside of the pan to eliminate any potential blocking of this area by oil that might come off of the rotating crank.
A block heater and a fitting for it were also added in case they would be needed, 2 right arrows.
The car for now does not run a dry sump pump but a Melling 10070-800 pump shown at the left that was sized for the demands of the engine, piston squirters, turbo oiling and valve spring oiling. There is hopes of going to a dry sump at some point if we feel there is any oiling issues.
Doug and his crew did a great job on the 13 quart pan.
If you are in need of a custom pan or valve covers be sure and get a quote from Doug.

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