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--- Intercooler Inlet/Outlet Plumbing ---
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The plumbing from the turbo's compressor to the intercoolers (the car has two, one for each turbo) and from the intercoolers to the hat on top of the Dominator carb will be documented.
The top arrow above points at the pipe (aluminum) from the driver side turbo's compressor to the top intercooler in the nose of the car. The bottom arrow points to the passenger side pipe to the lower intercooler. Notice that since the turbos face each other on the inlet side one pipe comes from the bottom and the other from the top.
Above is the passenger side pipe to the lower intercooler. They are held to the compressor outlet with V-Bands.
When this picture was taken the pipe from the driver's side compressor to the top intercooler had been removed but would be where the arrow is above.
The left arrow represents the missing pipe to the intercooler. The right arrow is the "Y" connector Hooley fabricated for the two pipes coming from the intercoolers. The middle arrow is the output from the bottom intercooler (connected to the passenger side turbo) and it is attached to the "Y" connector going to the carb hat.
Top arrow again points to the "Y" connector. Right arrow points to the pipe from the lower intercooler and the left arrow points to the pipe from the upper intercooler.
The "Y" connector that Hooley made, shown above, merges the flow from the two 3 1/2 inch pipes (steel) on the front side coming from the intercoolers into a 5 inch diameter pipe on its back side.
Some of the tubing is steel is and some aluminum. Hooley has means in his shop to weld steel, but not aluminum, thus the reason for both.
"Y" connector to the left. In the middle is more 5 inch steel tubing that is use to continue the charge onto the hat, right arrow. It is good to not merge the separate tubing from the intercoolers at the hat if at all possible. What is shown above lets the charged air settle down a little more before entering the hat.
The air leaving the turbo compressor has a swirl to it. The intercoolers should settle most of that down but also there could be turbulence where the two lines coming from the intercoolers merge and having a common sized tube after that merging should help with airflow into the top of the carb, also the reason for the spacer between the carb and the bottom of the hat.
One reason for the "S" bend, arrow, was to get the tubing back down under the hood of the car. The hood will still need a bubble in it to clear the hat, but not as large as the scoop on the car before.
In an ideal world the "S" should be avoided if possible and the large pipe from the hat to the merge "Y" should be as straight as possible.
The car has used water injection from Snow Performance in the past and it will also be used with the twin turbo setup. We were advised to inject it into the area where the merge takes place in the "Y" connector. Hooley welde in bungs for a total of three injectors, two shown and one out of view on the bottom of the "Y" in its 5 inch portion.

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